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MS AppSource

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Single instruction, multiple data; Open Multi-Processing and HPC



Banks inch closer to cloud take-up

Regulatory guidance helps clear the way for greater adoption of cloud computing.

Vector Risk at the NYU

Adj. Prof. Sanjay Sharma and Adj. Prof. John Beckwith have created a new FRTB module at The Tandon School of Engineering, New York University, around the Vector Risk FRTB solution. Students will use the Vector Risk workflow and analytics to explore concepts in FRTB, such as capital calculations under the IMA and SA approaches.

Could SaaS be the Key to Unlocking FRTB Complexity?

"This blog post features Numerix, a Microsoft partner helping banks embrace cloud technology as they prepare for FRTB today, and build a strategic FRTB program for the future."

Partnership with Microsoft

Microsoft has been identifying finished, marquee business applications for 21 prioritized processes within the banking and capital markets industry. Why Numerix and Vector Risk? Together, Numerix and Vector Risk offer deep capital markets technology expertise. They are global industry leaders in derivative pricing models and risk technology, offering proven analytics with unparalleled speed and accuracy

Partnership with Numerix

Numerix, the leader in risk technology today announces a new strategic relationship with Vector Risk solidifying its technology leadership position amongst FinTech elite.

FINTECH Innovation Awards 2016

Our FRTB solution has been recognized in the "Innovation in Risk Management" category of the FINTECH Innovation Awards 2016.

ASX Thomson Reuters Charity

Vector Risk has agreed to continue its sponsorship of the ASX Thomson Reuters Charity Foundation Golf Day in 2017. The Foundation helps Australian-based children’s, disability and medical research charities by organising fundraising events in conjunction with the Financial Markets. To date, the combined funds distributed to a wide range of charities totals just over $25 million.

The decentralization trap

The penny is starting to drop, says Steve Davis, head of design at Vector Risk. The standardised approach may seem simple enough, but front-office tools lack key refinements and will require continuous attention to ensure complete capture of sensitivities.

Lining up the fundamentals

What impact will the new framework have on market risk management and the banking sector more generally?

Company Overview

Vector Risk is an Australian company with customers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States that provides cloud based risk software solutions to banks, hedge funds, government and corporate treasuries.

Our risk system calculates market and credit risk exposures in real-time. Our clients have implemented the system as the engine behind credit limit monitoring, collateral stress testing, market VAR and stress, and CVA.